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Retro Game Boy and Advance

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retro-game-boy-and-advanceRetro Game Boy and Advance

Enjoy your old games with this application/emulator
It is the perfect application to play with very old gameboy games or even now your game boy advance ones!

change settings to manage arrow et buttons positions !
just put your gb / gbc / gba / zip (gb/gbc) file on your sd card and navigate to them, choose them, play !
key maps work ;)
Thing to know : the slot 0 is the default savestate which is written each time the app pause itself
Retro Game Boy and Advance

the other ones are only saved/loaded manually
Sinc the newest versions, you can load roms with options :
- the game itself with reset
- load the last quick saved game (slot 0)
- or choose every other slots
you can also load another states when the rom has started
Remember that you can also play with some gb/gbc games on the 3DS or DSi. Don't forget it !
Source code freely available : send me a mail to receive it (will be on code.google soon >> need to clean some src files :) ) (game boy advance available too)
Someone asked about the apk which is 1.8M and then 26M on the phone, simply cause of the compression.
Latest info :
You can now use your tablet as a console with bluetooth (only one remote controller supported). How to do so? Nothing more easy.
First, make sure that your tablet and your smartphone (or tablet/tablet, ...) are linked together
Then, open the menu from the file selection and click on the option to set the console mode.
Finally, choose your gba file and... open it ;)
And that's it on the tablet.
Now on your other tablet/smartphone, open the menu from the main screen and select the option to use as controller
And choose the tablet/smartphone/... you set as a console and tada, you can control your game (only with onscreen controller at this time).
But sorry, any command such as save, restore can not be performed from your controller :/
More option will arrive soon

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Retro Game Boy and Advance - Android Games

Dragon Ball Tap Battle


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that a games my favorate
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