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Shoot and Scroll Attack 3D

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Shoot and Scroll Attack 3DShoot and Scroll Attack 3D

Helicopter Shooting Game. Shoot'em-up action with plenty of sky adventures and adrenaline. The game is aimed at all gamblers, from novices to hardcore action gamers. Gamblers can try their skills at lot of levels and bosses.

As they complete levels, gamblers gain access to new, more powerful armed enemies and unexpected air attack surprises. Easy game controls, arcade action and lot of guns, bullets, rockets and explosions. Ready for takeoff? Wheels up!


- Totally free game.

- Arcade scrolling shooter, shoot'em all.

- Helicopters with different features: fireball attack, laser beam and air electric shield.

- Machine gun with standart bullets, triple shoot machine gun, machine gun with side tracers, full pumped
machine gun.

- Self-direction air to air rockets.

- Sky Master Metal Helicopter boss, Armored Tank with machine gun, Electrical protective tower, Military
Red-Skull boss and Sky Jet fighter boss.

- Upgraded bullets, weapons reload time, rockets and super attack charge.

If you like games like 1942, 1943, Siberian Strike, iFighter, Air Strike, Flying Shark, Sky Force, Warblade,
Air Attack, Sky Gamblers, Helic, Mortal Skies, this game is for you.

shoot-and-scroll-attack-3d-01 shoot-and-scroll-attack-3d-02

shoot-and-scroll-attack-3d-03 shoot-and-scroll-attack-3d-04

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0 #1 Julian kleinschmidt 2015-07-11 02:08
Very good

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