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Android Permainan Aksi - Game Android Free Download

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War of Glory

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war-of-gloryWar of Glory

Nine hundred sixty-two thousand years ago, the first human civilization on the Earth's history(Gandalia Civilization) by the ravages of the invaders. Intruders do whatever they want in order to plunder the resources and the killing of innocent people. Eternal God sent to save mankind guardian,

they will be a mysterious defensive technique and magic to teach to human. Ultimately, a hundreds of years of the beginning of the war. In the end the triumph of good over evil, or intruders continue to devastate the continent? Let's see the outcome in the game!
All new graphics engine with hyper realistic lighting and special effects
Nine unique worlds map to conquer
23 various enemies of both land and sky
6 towers and 30 levels you can choose for free
3 special super skills and 20 kinds of skills-upgrading.
Interactive environments that include tower attact , enemy killed, special skills,and more
Epic boss battles that will put your skills to the ultimate test
Original soundtrack
No additional download necessary!

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Perang Glory APK - Free Android Game APK

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Perang Glory - Free Download

How To Uninstall Android Games and Apps - EULA License


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I like this game

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