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AutoCAD WS 1.6.2

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AutoCAD WS enables you view, edit, and share AutoCAD® drawings with anyone, anywhere using your mobile device. Annotate and revise drawings in the office, in the field, or in a meeting. Work on designs without an internet connection, and easily open DWG, DWF, and DXF™ files directly from email. Simplify design creation, review, and approval using powerful, built-in social design collaboration tools. Unleash the power of AutoCAD design beyond the desktop with AutoCAD WS.

• Open 2D and 3D DWG drawings uploaded to your free* AutoCAD WS online account
• Work offline, then easily upload changes when you are back online
• Upload and open files directly from email on your device
• See all aspects of your DWG file, including external references, layers, and image underlays
• Use multi-touch zoom and pan to easily navigate large drawings
• Use your device’s GPS to orient yourself within a drawing

• Draw and edit shapes with accuracy using Snap
• Select, move, rotate, and scale objects
• Add and edit text annotations directly on your drawing; no need for paper mark-ups
• Validate distance measurements in the drawing while you are onsite
• Save edits to your AutoCAD WS online workspace, so your drawings stay up to date

• Share your designs with others directly from the mobile app
• Add comments and images and invite responses using the Design Feed
• Print remotely from your mobile device using HP’s ePrint & Share service
• Plot your designs to PDF or DWF and share them via email

Join us on the AutoCAD WS Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/autocadws
Follow us on Twitter @AutoCAD_WS
Follow our blog for updates: http://www.autocadws.com/blog
Email inquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Free products and services are subject to the Autodesk, Inc. terms of use that accompany them.

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AutoCAD WS - Free Download

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+1 #8 Frantz Labbe 2015-09-06 16:09
vraiement bon
-1 #7 Bilal Haider 2015-07-17 07:12
very awesome software apk very good Excellent
+5 #6 Syed Pervez Rahim 2014-04-07 16:32
Excellent Soft.
+4 #5 johnmekah 2014-03-05 09:48
I would like
+1 #4 SAURABH 2014-02-17 08:01
this is awsome app for me
+7 #3 ahmad 2014-01-08 18:49
Good one
+5 #2 farzin 2013-07-06 15:12
-1 #1 hamed 2013-06-29 17:17
Very good

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