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Deadpool is a new multiplayer online first-person shooter give you a chance to play against your friends. Survive in the world of zombie apocalypse fighting against walking dead and survived people.

Apply various weapons in the battles. Demonstrate excellent reflexes and incredible accuracy in this dynamic Android game. Shoot at bloodthirsty zombies and fight against players from all over the world. Get the support of allies. Adjust appearance of your character, buy various items of outfit. Get weapons matching your game style. Buy sniper rifles, shotguns, machineguns and so on.
Prefer to destroy opponents with precise sniper shots from distance or you like rushing close distance arming your shotgun? Or maybe trusty assault rifle is your best friend? We support any tactical approach to battles! But with one condition - all must lead to victory!

Deathpool Deathpool Deathpool Deathpool 

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Deathpool - APK Download - Free Android Games

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Deathpool - APK Download - Free Download

How To Uninstall Android Games and Apps - EULA License

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