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Gormiti : Shards of Power

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gormiti-shards-of-powerGormiti: Shards of Power

Peace and the Island of Gorm is at risk! Only Lords of Nature can fight for freedom. For the first time the Gormiti come to life in the virtual world.
Join the Lords of Nature in an epic adventure to stop the plans

of MAGOR cruel, feared tyrant VOLCANO, and restore peace to the island of gorm!
Unlock more than 20 playable characters with unique special moves
5 unlockable secret areas
Over 20 gorm stones to collect
Equip your characters with GORM STONES more 'strong to create an unbeatable MATRIX BATTLE!
Combine up to six Gorm Stones on Matrix Battle to prepare your next attack - you can choose between a POWERFUL ATTACK, an impenetrable defense, a BALANCED ATTACK ATTACK Elemental or a devastating!
The type of attack varies depending on the number of Gorm Stones identical choices on Matrix Battle - choose carefully!
Each character has an unstoppable SPECIAL ATTACK launched when you touch a particular combination of Gorm Stones - use it whenever you can!
Explore the Island of Gorm, meets powerful allies, challenge terrible enemies and fight for the future of Gorm!
Gormiti - U.S.!

Gormiti Shards Of Power Gormiti Shards Of Power 

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Gormiti: Shards of Power - Free Download

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Free good
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Its good

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