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photon-flash-playerPhoton Flash Player

Photon Flash Player for Android app is finally here! Photon Flash Browser for Android is the leading #1 browser for Flash player plugin support and video streaming that liberate your browsing experience on Android.

Our leading edge technology allows the user to browse the web fast, runs Javascript at speeds faster than Chrome or Firefox on your device (during cloud streaming mode).
Users can play Flash without installing or downloading any Flash plugin (which is currently also not available and possible after Adobe pulled Flash support for Android officially). Photon Flash Player and Web Browser Free supports Flash games, Flash videos and Flash websites. You can browse natively on the browser and when you need Flash support, you just need to click the lightning bolt button to activate Flash support for your Android tablets or phones. You can use Photon Flash Player for free with ads or purchase a yearly premium pass to remove ads.



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Photon Flash Player - Free Android Apps


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