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Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Angel rejoins the Assassinos with no one recognizing him as Raul due to the facial changes, in the hope of finding new information on the car bomb. After he goes on a mission to defend a drug stash, he found out that Andreas, the leader of Assassinos, was killed in a drive-by.

Marcello was chosen as the new leader. Angel later discovers in a police surveillance van that Marcello and Ana, who was actually not killed, were together behind his back all the time. He also found out that Marcello detonated the bomb rigged on his car, and Ana killed Andreas in the drive-by. He passed the surveillance tape out to all the members of Assassinos, then used that as proof to kill Marcello while he was making his speech. Angel was chosen leader this time. Angel eventually tracks down Ana, who was hiding in one of the hangars at the airport, taking Larissa hostage. He calls Fumo to meet him at the airport, and Fumo brought an Assassinos' tank with him. The two of them fought their way to the hangar with the tank where Ana is hiding. They kill all of her guards and free Larissa. Angel then executes Ana. After they leave the hangar, Angel claims that the Assassinos will 'Take the damn city back.'

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Gangstar Rio: City of Saints - Android Games

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+1 #49 กอปปี้ 2015-06-27 10:39
Love gameนร้
+4 #48 arar sasanjayaby 2015-06-03 09:54
I loVe this game and full mission
+3 #47 joanne 2015-05-09 23:39
I love this game so much that I want in my hloe life
+5 #46 sareem khan 2015-05-03 05:16
its a cool game
-2 #45 Prince 2015-04-23 04:52
Verry nice game
-2 #44 Joao Mendes 2015-04-19 17:46
Muito loko esse jogo muito masa
-1 #43 Shivam Aryan 2015-04-19 06:05
my favourite game
+4 #42 devilloo 2015-04-08 12:32
So good to play this game
-3 #41 oumar 2015-04-07 15:22
-4 #40 ramon torres 2015-03-14 22:18
E muito bom

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