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grand-theft-auto-vice-cityGTA: Vice City

grand-theft-auto-san-andreasGTA: San Andreas

pokemonPokémon Smartphones

Minecraft Pocket EditionMinecraft Pocket Edition

gangstar-vegasGangstar Vegas

asphalt-8Asphalt 8

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  • Metal SoldiersMetal Soldiers

    Get your weapons ready for the ultimate action game! Metal Soldiers combines the adrenaline of platform-style games with the action of 2d shooters. Use the pad to move around and tap to jump and shoot.

  • Vikings War Of ClansVikings - War Of Clans

    Welcome to the ruthless world of Vikings, where freedom, power, fear and violence reign supreme. You must lead brave warriors into battle, conquer the world and prove your might against players from all over the world.

  • Dexter Hidden DarknessDexter - Hidden Darkness

    Step into the shoes of America's favorite serial killer! Follow the evidence left by dangerous criminals by investigating crime scenes and uncovering numerous hidden objects. While at the same time planning out your own secret agenda.

  • Euro Train SimulatorEuro Train Simulator

    Featuring an intuitive, easy to use interface, the game lets users play Career Mode to accomplish each scenario and unlock new trains and routes. Euro Train Simulator is a very well constructed game for Android that puts players in the front seat of the most popular commercial trains around.

  • Athletics 2 Summer SportsAthletics 2 - Summer Sports

    Practice olympic sports in a realistic 3D environment through 30 events and 5 competitions. Challenge the computer or play against friends to beat records all around the world.

  • Pocket HeroesPocket Heroes

    Pocket Heroes is a great roleplaying and real-time strategy game, here you can raise an elite team of heroes. Each with their own amazing abilities, and lead them in frantic real-time battles against monsters.

Need for Speed - Most Wanted

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1 1 1 1 1 Rating 2.90 (25508 Votes)

need-for-speed-most-wantedNFS Most Wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted takes on the gameplay style of the first Most Wanted title in the Need for Speed franchise. Most Wanted allows players to select one car and compete against other racers in three types of events: Sprint races, Circuit races and Speed runs.

Sprint races, which involves traveling from one point of the city to another, Circuit races, each having two or three laps total and Speed runs, which involve traversing through a course in the highest average speed possible. There is also the Ambush races, which start with the player surrounded by cops and tasked to evade their pursuit as quickly as possible.





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Need for Speed™ Most Wanted - Android Games

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0 #202 allan 2015-08-24 21:28
Me encanta
+2 #201 becky marz 2015-08-13 19:31
Love the game
-4 #200 Carlos 2015-08-08 15:38
Este juego me llamo la atencion por los graficoa
+4 #199 Navjot 2015-08-01 10:16
i love this game so much
+8 #198 toko buku online 2015-07-22 12:46
My favourite game :)
+2 #197 mandeep singh 2015-07-17 05:07
-2 #196 fabjan 2015-06-21 23:51
its amazing game
-2 #195 ariana 2015-06-08 05:23
Este é o melhor jogo de toda a galáxia
+11 #194 mohammad atiq 2015-05-13 18:36
+2 #193 joy 2015-05-07 14:32
So good I like.
+1 #192 willyan 2015-05-03 18:16
Quoting andy boateng:
It is good

Gostei muito irado de mais
+5 #191 raviraj 2015-04-15 17:00
Supetb game
+1 #190 andy boateng 2015-04-14 09:12
It is good
+6 #189 NAGARAJ 2015-04-13 07:05
Good game

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