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the-dark-knight-rises1The Dark Knight Rises

Games description: The epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy arrives on Android in the exclusive video game inspired by the movie. THE EXCLUSIVE GAME INSPIRED BY THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
After being gone for eight years, Bruce Wayne gets back into action as Batman.

Waiting for him are the mysterious Selina Kyle and Bane, a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batman’s legacy piece by piece. Meet all of Batman’s allies and regain your strength to protect Gotham City from Bane.  Become completely immersed in the story thanks to likenesses of all the movie’s main acters like Catwoman, Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon.

Dozens of missions plus random events will make you feel all the thrills of being a superhero. Deal with hostage situations, bomb squads, jailbreaks and car chases to prove that you’re the true protector of Gotham.

A thrilling fighting system that puts you right in the heart of the action thanks to many different moves and cinematic effects. 

Collect items hidden within the city to unlock upgrades and new fighting skills for Batman.

Access Batman’s complete arsenal and learn how to take full advantage of each tool. Use the Grapnel to cross the city or to defeat foes, throw the Batarang to knock out your enemies or to hit a distant button; the possibilities are infinite.
When kicks and gadgets are of no use, The Dark Knight relies on his vehicles to get the job done. Drive the Bat-Pod for special vigilante missions or pilot The Bat for fast travel across the city. 

Explore the entire city of Gotham and its different districts spread across a huge map and enjoy stunning graphics for total immersion in the dark universe of Batman.

The Dark Knight Rises - Free Android Games

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+1 #16 Salman Nasir 2014-03-31 10:11
can we explore gotham city does it have free roam mode that you can go anywhere in the city
+2 #15 kelish 2014-02-14 10:10
My favourite game the dark knight rises
+1 #14 stephenj 2013-10-29 05:59
Need to download the part 2 RIGHT?
-1 #13 clinton 2013-08-23 14:33
I have downloaded the game bt it has refused to work please help. It keeps returning back to my main screen
+2 #12 Monster 2013-08-13 17:27
pega no Galaxy s2 GT ?
+4 #11 aarif 2013-07-14 05:13
Nice to
+4 #10 aarif 2013-07-14 05:12
I laike
0 #9 aarif 2013-07-14 05:11
Nice game
-4 #8 Sam 2013-07-13 03:19
Didn't work on my Nexus 4.
-6 #7 glen mascarenhas 2013-07-12 10:53
downloading data files. this is my revelation of how Nolan did it...Nolan took say a1000 of the best movies, A 1000 of the best episodes of every show...of the best wwf/e matches...of the best Bollywood & chopsokeye kung fu flicks , of the best oprahs ,phils ,Oz's shows. of the premiere comics...and then he looked for what these had in common. The rest was automatic..Supp osing I had knowledge through xperience of the pain another person felt.....I would be able to be empathise with all who have xperienced pain/suffering. Something like that..this is how Nolan cracked the code I believe. Bane, Bentley, benz, train, plane, crane etc..Bane is based on every household appliance..comp uters....mobile s...& everyman.

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